Iain Aire author, book binder

Child of the Mist is a contemporary fantasy novel set in New Zealand. The four elementals have been woken and threaten the future of human life. But a fifth elemental, a child of the mist, may be our salvation, if she can survive?

In the beginning? Can it truly be said that in any story there is a beginning? I guess it all depends on, well, whose story it is or where it starts. A story can have many beginnings and these beginnings are the roots. As the story grows from its roots it will embrace the individual stories that made up the beginnings.

The internet allows a novel to evolve - to take on a life - it can grow and change over time with the telling, drawing on new sources of information and or inspiration because the author's understanding has altered in a world that has changed around him.

But as we have to start somewhere join me soon in this world of story-telling with the 'Child of the Mist' (in preparation). I hope it will inspire and capture your imagination as the novel germinates and seeks inspiration from the past and the present.

Once the first chapter is published I will post new material periodically.