Iain Aire author, book binder

Seeds is an anthology of short stories.

The general advice for an anthology is that it should have a theme or the stories linked in someway. Seeds as the name suggests, are short stories that have the potential to grow into a novella or novel. The idea for Seeds grew out of a short story called the The Sheppard that triggered comments, such as 'what happens next?' What happened next was The Grey Pilgrim’s Gambit novel.

I am contemplating whether several unrelated short stories could form the basis or roots to a larger novel - a story tree, called 'Child of the Mist.'

The genres for the Seeds anthology are a mix of EcoFiction, Fantasy, Curio and Crime/Mystery. The latest is 'Time Waits For no One.'

The 'Seeds’ anthology is available as an eBook on Laterpress. The first six short stories will be free to read. After which the reader can subscribe for the remainder of the anthology serialisation.

Once the anthology is complete it will be available as a printed version.