Iain Aire author, book binder

Iain Aire Author Biography

In the UK, I was employed for two thirds of my working life in forestry before my career took me to New Zealand - where I worked in environmental research policy. I currently reside in Spain.

Exposure to global cultures and their stories from around the world have shaped my writing. I have completed a series of short stories which I am currently collating into an anthology called 'Seeds.'

I am also working on a serialised novel called 'Child of the Mist.' It is based on the idea that a story can begin with several disparate short stories that contribute to the plot, characters and arc. It was also inspired by my family ancestry – The Clan MacGregor are referred to as the Children of the Mist. I then discovered whilst living in New Zealand that a Maori Tribe – are also known as the Children of the Mist.

In the last decade I became intrigued by the traditional craft of book binding. This led to me to train in the original techniques of making tanned leather for bindings, parchment and paper; learning the techniques involved in marbling, and metal clay  to make corners and clasps. My intention to eventually put my writing into a unique collection of medieval, leather, cord bound style bindings.