Iain Aire author, book binder

Iain Aire Author Biography

'The Grey Pilgrim' is Iain Aire's his first novel for publication in 2023.

His anthology of short stories entitled 'Seeds' mostly reflect his interest in exploring the boundaries between the contemporary and natural world and the exciting imaginative opportunities for characters and plot to cross over between the two. Research demonstrates that humans can only sense part of the natural world, when compared to the animal kingdom and that provides a world of limitless possibilities for the author.

Two of the short stories; The White Talon and Baptism of Fire were successful in national  competitions.

Iain completed a Guardian Writers Masterclass tutored by Ross Raisin, an award winning British author.

Iain Aire, born 1952 in London, emigrated to New Zealand before retiring to Spain. During his early years Iain's imagination was fired by his Scottish and on his English side by his Normandy ancestry. A career in forestry and environmental management, and exposure to cultural myths from around the world have influenced Iain's writing.

During his time in New Zealand he became intrigued by the traditional craft of handmade book binding. This led to him training in the original techniques of making tanned leather for bindings, parchment and paper making, marbling, and metal work for corners and clasps. The purpose of his obsession, was to put his writing into a unique collection of medieval, leather, cord bound style bindings. Then in his spare time………..