Iain Aire author, book binder

Detective Inspector Samantha Hawk's life is scarred by betrayal. Not only by what has been done to her but by the revelation that she may have been the catalyst for her sister's murder.

The Grey Pilgrim’s Gambit is set in Norfolk where Sam and her sister, Maddy, have grown up. A region close enough to Europe for clandestine smuggling activity to go unnoticed and accessible to London and the South-East for subversive operations. It is set in the present day where the threat to society is destabilisation from external forces.

Each chapter is being serialised on Laterpress click on eBook link below.

The first ten chapters are free to view. After which the reader can subscribe for the remainder of the book serialisation.

Once The Grey Pilgrim’s Gambit is complete it will be available as a printed version.