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Iain Aire, author, book binder

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Latest News

A new short story has been added to the Seeds anthology. It is called The White Talon. It came second in a UK short story competition in the 1980s but has since gone through a major rewrite, with the story now set in New Zealand. The reason for the change is that The White Talon will form part of the novel Child of The Mist. I hope you enjoy reading it. Follow the Publication link below.

'The Grey Pilgrim's Gambit,' will be in its final edit early in 2021. If you are interested in when it will be published please contact me by email.

The Grey Pilgrim’s Gambit

The Grey Pilgrim’s Gambit is in the detective genre. Sample chapters can be viewed by clicking on the link below. The novel is currently in its final editing stage.


Seeds is an anthology of short stories. Click on the 'Publication' button below to read the latest, free copy on line. This publication will be updated periodically with additional short stories.